Swan Song for Bluegrass Fest Organizer


Ken Christopher helped bring Bluegrass in the Park to life.. but this will be his last year. 

Putting Bluegrass in the Park together is no easy task. Christopher says he would take a 24 hour break once each festival ends before he started booking bands and searching for unique sounds to bring to Henderson.

In the 30 years since the festival first came to life, Christopher says people have been introduced to more than 250 bands. He says and that’s what has kept him going for three decades.

“I played in a bluegrass band at the time, called Canoe Creek, so obviously we had a vested interest,” says Christopher. “People back then, they didn’t know what bluegrass music was around here and so we made a concerted effort to try to educate the people so that was part of our process bring a festival, bring good music here, but educate the people, let them know about this wonderful, acoustic music that Western Kentucky gave birth to.”

Christopher says that even though he’s walking away this year, he hopes somebody will step up to fill his shoes.

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