TECUMSEH, In. (WEHT)- Tecumseh is one of those small schools that overachieves in athletics for its size.

The football program is no different.

For this upcoming season, the Braves will face new obstacles.

The first challenge that the Braves will face in the PAC is with their small class size comes a smaller roster. There are just about 40 players that make up this squad. Head coach Bret Zabo says how that will impact them.

“40 is not a lot on a football team, so it means an adjustment in practice, staying healthy, and being able to stay in condition. Most of these kids have to play all games.

One of the two-way players is the starting quarterback, Nathan Keller. He is also an outside linebacker, and while Zabo wants to limit his fatigue throughout a game, he says having the best out there is his top priority.

 “We’re going to play our best 11 on both sides of the ball. If that means you play both ways, then you play both ways.”

Keller is a first-year starter, taking over an offense that scored 30 points or more in every game until their Sectional Championship loss. He says he’s more concerned with making sure they win than having the same offensive output.

“I wouldn’t be honest if I said it wasn’t intimidating. Everyone expects you to go to blowout games. But if we go 14-7 this year, a win is a win in my book right now.”

The team will be changing up its offensive mentality. This year, it will be about sustaining drives.

“This year we are worried about getting the three yards and then the three yards again all the way to the end zone. Rather than just worrying about one play and touchdown.”

They’ll be putting that style to the test in a loaded PAC this season. They may be the smallest school, but that just motivates them even more.

We’ll see if the Braves can go undefeated in another regular season with a more difficult schedule.