Father Son Duo Share Special Bond at United Leasing Championship


Every father-son duo has something they enjoy doing together. At the United Leasing Championship, there’s one father-son combo from Orlando that believes a family that plays golf together — stays together.

Many fathers hand down many things to their sons. Those things include golf clubs, golf tips, and the importance of a great caddy.

“You spend more time with your caddy than you do with your wife,” said Skip Kendall, a professional golfer competing at the United Leasing Championship at Victoria National. “I’ve always said during the course of my career that I would much rather get along with someone really well and be able to chat it up out there than to have an expert caddie that doesn’t talk.”

Kendall doesn’t have to worry about his caddy. Instead, he can focus on navigating and negotiating the 18 difficult holes at Victoria National. With him every step of the way of the 7200 yard course will be Noah, his new caddy.

“My caddy started last week,” Kendall said. “He’s my 15 year old son. He just turned 15. It’s special for me and hopefully he feels the same way.”

“I’ve learned a lot more in a couple weeks than I have in a year,” Noah Kendall said.

Skip taught his son how to love and respect the game. That’s why his son followed in his footsteps. It’s been a learning experience the two have both enjoyed. Every day has brought a new lesson.

“He was certainly capable of doing it, carrying the big bag and everything,” Skip Kendall said. “It was time. He was coming out to join me anyway.”

“I know pretty much what shot he’s going to hit,” Noah Kendall said. “I know [my dad’s] going to play well. Well, not last week.”

“How to miss a cut, that was last week,” Skip Kendall said. “That wasn’t a good one. Hopefully we’ll turn it around and have a good week this week.”

Even if it isn’t a good week, they’ll have a good time. Noah will be the first one to congratulate his dad and the first one to give him grief.

“If he’s playing in front of me he tries to do better to try and impress me,” Noah Kendall said. “I can still hit it 40 yards longer off the tee.”

“I tell [Noah] for the first three years I changed his diapers,” Skip Kendall said. “I tell him he owes me.”

Like father, like son.


Noah Kendall has a tournament of his own coming up. As for whether his dad will caddy for him, Noah says his dad has a tournament the same weekend. However, they will both be cheering for one another.

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