Checking out one of the newest pizza joints in Evansville

Tasty Tuesday

Joe tries some of the best ‘The Za Pizzeria’ in Evansville has to offer in Tasty Tuesday.

Got a frozen pizza in your freezer that sounds tasty? Ditch it and grab one fresh! Joe is checking out ‘The Za’ in Evansville. It just opened up in June 2019 on North Park Drive. First up: the house special: beef and sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Second up: the super ‘za’: a little bit of everything with 13 toppings total.

Then, Joe tries their baked wings, that come in traditional or plain, or you can also get them barbecued or buffalo or hot.

And last but not least (because they have a lot more tasty items on their menu!), Joe tries their stromboli and chicken, bacon ranch.

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