The Three P’s: Preparing, Packing, and Pills (Yikes!)

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Tonight (Weds. July 6th) we met a veteran of the Kenya Mission, Bryan Lynch, to review our training on the eye examine equipment.  It has been several months and we are rusty, all due respect to the certificate that says we are trained professional ! There are many steps in the set up but thankfully my husband George is a computer whiz AND Mr. Detail!  George and Bryan had us up and running in no time. 

We  practiced the eye examine and glasses search, which went pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.  Actually the picture of all the equipment looks more daunting than the reality but there truly are lots of things to keep straight. We want the tests and eye glasses match to run smoothly so our guests will be well cared for and free of intimidation. I am sure all those wires and gizmos can be scary looking. They certainly are to me and I know what they are!

Packing for a 17 day journey where laundry facilities are basically non-existent requires some careful thought. So far we have edited our wardrobe down to the bare minimum.

Yay Us!  Now we are in the hands of the bags we must load. This is going to be interesting for sure. We do have to pack our scrubs for the clinic days then comfortable, modest clothing for every other day. No makeup. No hair fashion. No glamour. I find that very freeing, though I doubt the pictures you see from this day on will bare any resemblance to my Lifestyles persona. Alas….
In all honesty, I embrace the freedom and the lack of expectations. It feels good to have no worries about eyeliner, foundation and hairspray.

Today, the pills! 

We begin our Malaria regimen the day before we leave,so today is the day.  For all of you who know me well, you know this is not high on my bucket list. I am not a pill taker of any stripe BUT I sure as heck do not want to suffer from Malaria soooooo, Atovanquone and Proguanil Hydrochloride it is.  I am thankful there is a medication I can take that will protect me and my team from this terrible surge.  My mantra, “No malaria!”

By the way, this was in my fortune cookie at dinner last night.

Fortune Cookie

Well, yes…..

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