Nut Club Half Pot on the rise


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – Lance Buchanan is one of thousands lined up for the Half Pot at Fall Fest.

The competition is stiff as the lines grow longer and the numbers go up.

But there is more to see here than meets the eye.

High above everyone’s heads in the Nut Club building, the money continues to roll in.

“The company we’ve been working with, they were quite surprised how successful we were in the first day, ” says Nut Club member Matt Wannemuehler.

This is the central hub hidden from view.

The printers have gone through three boxes of 50 rolls each, two of them on Wednesday alone. And most think there is plenty more to come.

“My wife’s being nice and getting a bunch of tickets for the ladies she works with. It was around 200 dollars worth,” says Tim Hargrove.

While many can only dream of the type of money this week’s winner will receive, some know exactly how they’d spend it.

“My sister just realized she’s going through stage 4 breast cancer. So I’d give half of it to her, and her charity she wants to go with.”

Which makes Matt Wannemueller’s job that much harder when he draws the winner.

“I guess I’ll have one good friend and one….a bunch of other people that aren’t my good friend anymore!”

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