WebDotCom Tourney Serves as a Marketing Goldmine


As the Webdotcom Tour progresses in popularity and importance for golfers, so has the need for constant equipment maintenance and product placement. Tournaments are the prime-time for marketing and for one company, it’s stepping up it’s game with an on site factory on wheels. These guys make it look easy, alot of their tools out here, starts in here. Greg Shaw is the technician for Calloway Golf Company, his lab, this one stop shop for repairs. “We feel it’s a great avenue to fit and work with young players and move them up and try to get them into the PGA Tour  so we’re definitely spending  more resources on the webdotcom tour moving forward,” Shaw tells us. Last year, Calloway didn’t have a fix-it truck here at Victoria, but that’s changed in part to better market their products. And Shaw says what’s a more effective form of advertising than their gear in the hands of professionals, “They see guys in tour us it and they’re willing to try it, we don’t sell anything to the Pros, they’re usually under contract so they can come in and get what they want, get what they need and then hopefully that turns into retail sales which drives the bottom-line of the company.” It’s a simple tactic, build and deliver, but the art of proper placement can be a hole in one for future revenue. Round one of tournament play kicks off tomorrow morning.

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