Working hard, cooling off, staying cool in a heatwave


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Heat and humidity are not a good combo, and we had plenty of both on Thursday. You need to be careful outside and limit your exposure if it’s possible.

There are a few people in Evansville who beat the heat in their own ways, like John West who was mulching the planters on Riverside Drive.

“It makes me weak, zaps my energy,” he said of the hot weather. “Ron Rhodes said it would be about 107.”

It’s hard to believe it could get much worse, but it’s supposed to this weekend. We’re at the beginning of what could be a brutal heat wave sweeping through the Tri-State.

His job won’t get any easier, especially when you have Joe Cain and his family splashing in the fountain in front of Old National, just four lanes away.

John West is jealous of people in the fountain on Riverside Drive.

“It’s a great day to get out with the kids and get ‘em wet!” he laughed. “Heat index of 105 to 110, that is up there.”

The scalding heat serves as a good reminder to drink lots of water.

Also, remember to check on your pets outside, and any elderly neighbors you might have because the heat can be especially dangerous for them.

A little water can go a long way. A lot of water is a little tease in Garvin Park. The geese have their way to beat the heat, splashing their wings to cool down.

Mel, better known as “Bird Man” to regulars, says the waterfowl know where to find shade and a handful of food if they’re lucky.

“They like to get over on that side of the lake, up under the trees when it gets real hot,” he said.

“Bird Man” sits in the shade at Garvin Park.

Even with the feels-like temperature expected to climb above 100 later this weekend, you’ll find Mel sitting on a bench by the pond.

“Well you got a breeze, what more could you ask for?” he asked.

Guess it could always be hotter.

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This story was originally published on July 18, 2019

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