WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee began the confirmation process of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Democrats, Republicans and Barrett gave opening remarks, before lawmakers questioned her on key issues.

“I pledge to faithfully and impartially discharge my duties to the American people as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court,” Barrett said during the hearing.

She also paid respect to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I have been nominated to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat, but no one will ever take her place,” Barrett said.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says Barrett is more than qualified.

“Judge Barrett brings impeccable credentials, judicial temperament and a faith fullest to the law,” Cruz said.

Cruz and Texas’ other Republican senator, John Cornyn, say Barrett has their full support.

“You understand the limited, but important role of the judiciary under our constitution,” Cornyn said.

Democrats on the committee say they’re concerned that if Barrett is confirmed, her vote could overturn the Affordable Care Act when it appears before the justices in a case next month.

“Republicans have turned again to the court to try to achieve judicially what they cannot achieve legislatively,” explained Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Cornyn says discussing future cases is inappropriate.

“Our Democratic colleagues want you to guarantee a result in a case as a quid pro quo for your confirmation. It is outrageous,” Cornyn said.

The committee will begin questioning Barrett Tuesday, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he hopes for a full Senate vote before the end of October.