Rep. Bucshon votes against Trojan Horse “Infrastructure” Proposal

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Congressman Larry Bucshon released the following statement after voting against the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” package Friday.

“I believe that our nation needs federal investment in our nation’s aging highways, bridges, and other infrastructure to ensure that our nation thrives in the 21st century.” Bucshon said. “While there may be individual pieces of this bill that would meaningfully invest in our nation’s infrastructure, this legislation in its totality misses the mark.”

“Only a fraction of funds contained in this bill are actually going toward critical infrastructure, with tens of billions in misaligned spending going towards Democrats’ pet priorities.” he added. “More importantly, this bill is nothing more than a trojan horse proposal designed to enable the far-left Democrats to ram through their larger $1.85 trillion bill that is full of job-crushing tax increases and budget-busting spending. These two bills are different sides of the same fiscally-irresponsible coin.”

This statement comes after President Biden, struggling to unite his own party behind the plan, pitched his infrastructure plan to directly to Americans.

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