Senators react to Trump’s police reform executive order


WASHINGTON D.C. (WCMH) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order on police reform Tuesday and it’s the first major federal action following weeks of unrest over police brutality.

President Trump’s executive order encourages police departments to make changes on their own by rewarding them for reform and not punishing them for past or future offenses.

“Today is about pursuing common sense and fighting, fighting for a cause we seldom get the chance to fight for,” Trump said.

The order creates a national database to track police misconduct. It gives departments financial incentives to send social workers to assist responding officers. It also discourages chokeholds in most circumstances.

“I’m hopeful that by doing an executive order, they can put some things in place immediately,” Ohio Senator Rob Portman said. “We have to be careful that it just doesn’t become another partisan political issue during a campaign season.”

But his democratic colleague, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, doesn’t think the president’s executive order goes far enough and doesn’t carry much weight.

“If past is any indication, the president puts out a statement and then he changes the next day and becomes a bit irrelevant in the process,” Brown said.

Brown says it’s congressional republicans who really have the power to make police reform happen.

“I care more about what Senator [Tim] Scott (R-South Carolina) is doing, what republicans in the House and Senate do,” Brown said.

Senate Republicans, led by Scott, promise to unveil their police reform bill Wednesday. The House revealed its own version called the Justice in Policing Act last week.

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