Happy Halloween! Will mother nature provide great candy collecting weather?


Trick-or-treating weather can always be a toss up when it comes to the weather. From windy and rainy to snowy, most trick-or-treaters can recall knocking on doors in different types of weather.

So let’s take a look back at the past few years to see how the ghouls & goblins fared.

2018: Witches beware! Rain, and plenty of it, fell this Halloween. The temperatures weren’t too bad with afternoon temperatures in the mid 60s, but a cold front came through bringing rain during the afternoon. In fact, someone must have dressed up at the Greek God Zeus, because there was lightning, too.

2019: It was a chilly one with plenty of wind and temperatures dropping faster than candy could get into the buckets. The high of the day was 50 degrees, but that came just after midnight. By 10am, it was already 36 degrees and still windy. By the time the temperature stopped falling, it was below freezing was a low that day of 27 degrees.

2020: After a chilly start to the day of 34 degrees in Evansville, the sun came out and warmed us up to 62 degrees. A few clouds did work their way in later in the day, but no witches had to worry about flying on their brooms in windy conditions.

2021: So what’s in store for the princesses, skeletons, bumble bees, and cowboys this year? Good news! By trick-or-treat time (7pm), temperatures will bein the mid 50s, plenty of clear skies, and a light breeze around 5 miles per hour. This will be some of the best candy gathering weather trick-or-treaters have seen in several years.

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