Lightning safety week: Debunking lightning myths


When it comes to lightning safety, there is no place outdoors that is safe. Lightning can sometimes strike 10 miles or more away from a thunderstorm. Remember, even though it may only be lightly raining or not even raining at all, if you hear thunder, you are in danger.

Here are some tips to remember when it comes to staying safe:

And there are many myths about lightning.

Structures with metal or metal on your body such as watches, cell phones, and jewelry do not attract lightning.

Rubber tires on a car do not protect and insulate you from lightning, rather the metal roof and metal sides of the car do protect you.

And you may have heard crouch down or lie down if you are in an open field and a storm rolls in – this offers no protection and you should get indoors. In fact, lying down increasing your chances of a deadly ground current should lightning strike nearby.

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