HENDERSON, KY. (WEHT) — Inclement weather has first responders as well as tow companies preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

Icy roads and snow are likely to worsen road conditions which is why many people are being proactive in preparing to take on the weather. Last week, snow and ice filled the area which caused many accidents in the area. Something is trying to be avoided this week.

“We had several guys out on I-69 that I know there was an accident where someone slid into the back of a state police cruiser and we had guys on the scene there when that happened so yeah it can be scary times,” Eric Crawford, general manager of Tri-State towing said.

Those accidents will likely lead to a lot of calls to 911. Lieutenant Mike Ivie with the Henderson Fire Department says knowing when to call and when not to call first responders is important.

“As far as being in your vehicle, if you have a slide off, you’re not injured and the vehicle isn’t really damaged, you could just call a tow truck,” Lieutenant Ivie said. Have a tow truck and get you unstuck but if you are injured you certainly want to call 911. If your vehicle maybe starts smoking or something like that you want to call 911.”

Tri-State Towing primarily deals with helping semi trucks but the company sees its share of accidents involving cars and trucks as well.

“No two accidents are the same so depending on whether the truck is loaded with cargo, your procedures are a little different,” Crawford said. “Sometimes trucks that they go over on their side or on their tops do have to be unloaded before they can be flipped back up and put on their wheels.”

Temperatures in the teens are also expected which could lead many residents using space heaters to keep warm during frigid temperatures.

“If you want to make sure if you use it that there’s plenty of room around the space heater maybe a couple of feet away from the wall,” Lieutenant Ivie said. “Away from furniture. You definitely want to make sure that there’s nothing flammable close to it such as curtains or blankets or clothing.”