HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Another round of severe storms are possible this afternoon and late evening for much of the Tri-state and is the highest threat seen for Evansville since July of 2018.

On Tuesday, the Storm Prediction Center increased the severe threat to a level 4 out of 5 moderate risk. This was increased because of the possibility of damaging winds.

Here is the breakdown for across the entire Tri-state:

  • 10% significant chance of an EF2 or greater tornado that could also be a long track tornado.
  • 15% chance of large hail
  • 45% chance of damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour.

There are sections of the Tri-state under a level three enhanced, which are the far eastern portions of Ohio & Muhlenberg Counties. Keep in mind, the majority of those counties are in the level 4 moderate risk.

There remains some uncertainty on just how bad the storms this afternoon and evening could be and here’s why:

  • This morning’s rain could help somewhat calm the atmosphere and take away some of the energy, meaning the storms later today wouldn’t be as strong.
  • If that rain does not make the atmosphere calmer, the storms later today could be as bad as what models indicate.
  • Also, if super cell storms develop ahead of the cold front, they can tap into whatever energy is in the atmosphere and quickly turn severe.

Here is the latest severe risk from the Storm Prediction Center:

Be sure to charge devices, such as portable batteries and cell phones, in case of long term power outages. Have your safe space already cleaned out in case you have to get there in a hurry. Also, bring any pets inside so you can get them to safety quickly instead of bringing them inside as the storms approaches.

Weather radios should also be plugged into the wall with fresh batteries in case the power goes out. Turn on the weather radio to make sure the signal is clear. If the signal is not clear, then there is a chance if an alert is issued, your radio will not go off.

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