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Latest: 10:11 pm, 10/20/14, Monday
ILLINOIS — Monday night was the final showdown between the candidates running for governor. Neither held back in their final televised appearance in the hotly-contested race.

Democrat Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner have been battling in aggressive ads. Monday, that tone spilled over into the debate. Rauner continued to press Quinn on whether he would pass a permanent income tax increase, while Quinn hammered Rauner for not having a single African-American executive.

A new poll, released by UIS, has Rauner holding a lead of less than one percent; a statistical dead heat.
Latest: 6:04 pm, 10/20/14, Monday
ILLINOIS — The governor’s race could be one of the closest in years. That’s why county clerks want to have all votes counted quickly. But, the Attorney General’s Office is saying, “Hold on.” WCIA-3’s Kelsey Gibbs has more.

Right now, it’s just an opinion, but the Attorney General is asking for election clerks to count absentee and early voting ballots after 7 pm, on Election night, so everything is counted together. Many voters hit the polls early to do their civic duty as Americans and vote.

Take Dallas Miller. He says he has to work Election Day, so he came out Monday. But, many others vote because they believe every vote counties. Election clerks want to make sure they have that final vote in so we know who wins. But, the Attorney General is asking county election offices to wait until after 7 pm, to tabulate all votes including absentee and early votes.

With just a few people on full-time, Bean says his employees will be working all the way into Wednesday to get final numbers out. That means a longer wait to hear who wins the election. Bean says, even though this is an opinion, he will need to discuss what his office should do when counting ballots before 7 pm.

Again, this is not election code, just an opinion offered by the Attorney General’s Office. Many counties, like Sangamon, wait until after 7 pm, Election night to tabulate all votes anyway.
Latest: 10:06 pm, 10/17/14, Friday
ILLINOIS — There are fewer than 20-days before voters decide who will be Illinois’ next governor. The campaign has been the most expensive on record. Both candidates will have spent much of their time and money to show they can relate to regular people.

The ability to relate to your average voter is always important for anyone running for office. A new poll this week shows just how well or not, the candidates for governor are doing. The survey asked voters who better understood their everyday concerns.

Pat Quinn led the poll against Bruce Rauner 40-to-35%. But for the governor, who has been hitting his opponent on TV, the radio and in the newspapers for being an out-of-touch millionaire, experts say it’s not a great result.

Rauner has tried to downplay his wealth, often referencing his middle-class childhood and rarely attending press conferences in a suit and tie. He also has reason to smile for another part of that poll. Almost half of those surveyed valued experience in business more than experience in politics.
Update: 10:11 pm, 10/15/14, Wednesday
ILLINOIS — There are fewer than three weeks before voters head to the polls. A new Chicago Sun-Times poll shows both gubernatorial candidates in a statistical dead-heat. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn leads Republican challenger Bruce Rauner with 44% to 41%, but the lead is within the poll’s margin of error.
Original: 11:16 am, 10/1/14, Wednesday
ILLINOIS — A new poll shows a swing in the race for Illinois governor. For the first time this year, Pat Quinn has an edge over Bruce Rauner with Illinois’ voters. The Rasmussen Poll found 44% of voter support incumbent Pat Quinn, compared to 42% for Bruce Rauner. 14% are undecided or prefer another candidates. Rasmussen polled 750 likely voters for the poll.

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